Testament:  from the Latin word testari, meaning witness

Testament Photography was created as a vehicle where my photography and writing could be used to advance humanitarian and corporate projects that broaden people's perspectives and deepen compassion for their fellow man.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved looking at and making photos.  I believe everyone has an interesting story even though they may not have a means to tell it.  I want to be the conduit to get those stories told, heard, and seen.  When someone tells me one of my photos or stories has made them feel like they were sharing the moment with that subject, I've achieved a certain level of success.  If my images and narratives move people to act and make a difference, then I've accomplished my goal.

Having spent most of my career as a human resources executive specializing in employee development, recruiting, and managing transition, I've found photography to be a powerful tool in helping organizations build their culture and in reinforcing corporate branding and messaging.  I'm equally at ease on the shop floor as the boardroom and as comfortable in Lima, Peru as I am in Lima, Ohio.

I look forward to speaking with you about your next project or any of the images on this site.

Services provided:

  • Worksite photography
  • NGO support through images and stories
  • Travel photography
  • Fine art photography by commission


Ron Richardson

Jacksonville, Florida